Smoke and Tourists (smokingtourist) wrote in women_like_wine,
Smoke and Tourists

Emmanuelle Béart

Turning forty this year. Hot damn.

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French people are so pretty sometimes.
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She looks 20.
She may be in her twenties in the picture; I don't have an exact date on it. In any case, I saw her in a new film recently, and she looks just as beautiful now!
i personally don't find her very attractive. maybe it's b/c she looks so young...or so thin. hm. she is an awesome actress though :)
True, she's a bit thin; mostly I think she's got gorgeous bone structure, and is a fine actress. I am amazed at how young she continues to look, though. It's baffling.

P.S. I love your icon!
she does have an very original face, i'll give her that :)

and thank you...i have too many jen icons.
Too many Jen icons? We do not understand this concept. >;)
ha ha ha! yeah you're right. there's never enough jen. *le sigh*